Parenting 101

....for parents of babes and littles.

It is always a blessing when parents in your church community have a baby. As the church, we get to partner with parent in the journey of discipling their children in faith and character. What resources and tools do you have for parents?

Christine Knudsen has years of experience working with kids and families and has developed Parenting 101 as a tool to help parents with new born babies realize the gift they have been given and some key principles to raise up their children well.

Trust is the emotional milestone necessary for babes and littles to achieve in order to be emotionally and spiritually healthy later in life. As a parent, you matter...the little things you do, taking time to cuddle and being emotionally available make all the difference. Hope you enjoy reading parenting 101.

Download this 8-page guide that leads parents through kids’ needs for attachment from birth to 24 months.

Idea: Give this to parent at their dedication service!

5-Week Parenting Class

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Christine has a low-cost 5-week faith-based program specially designed for parents of babes and littles that you could used at your church.

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Christine Knudsen, Mentor/Coach

I help parents to gain confidence and perspective to raise emotionally and spiritually healthy kids.  I am a mom and grandma, ordained with the PAOC and also worked in the medical field…have also studied coaching, Active Parenting and Marriage and Family Counselling.  I have had the privilege to teach parents and teachers around B.C. with the PAOC Next Gen Ministries, and have taught teachers and parents at Columbia College.

We want our kids to be emotionally healthy.  We want them to trust us, to trust God, to have good healthy relationships throughout their life. 

Using the principle of attachment, just a few simple daily habits will make sure we attach our kids to our heart through all their growing years and beyond.

Download parenting 101 for free. Group coaching is also available if you want to join me to be encouraged, find out what you are already doing well, and maybe get a few great ideas going forward.

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