Parenting as we know it has changed.

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Mental health concerns in both adults and children are on the rise. The Village is no longer, leaving parents to figure out parenting all on their own. Accessing counselling is frustrating, and is too expensive to pay for. When we went through our mental health crisis with our son I kept hearing about all the resources available to me, but I never seemed to be able to access it. The information was overwhelming. Even counselling was frustrating as there was no one there in my home to help me learn to apply these tools. I needed so much more support than just medication and counselling.

I thought to myself, "If only there was a one-stop shop for parents where counselling was affordable and easy to access. A place where someone could come alongside to coach and guide. Where parents can feel a part of a village and surrounded by a supportive community. Where there are courses and training in the areas parents feel weak in." I've decided to create such a place. The Brave Parents Institute is a paid monthly membership program of community guidance from parents and professionals who are in the trenches with you.

This network of support includes

  • weekly online group coaching sessions
  • 1 FREE 30-minute counselling session
  • FREE weekly health and nutrition tips
  • FREE access to our private FB community for 24/7 support and encouragement
  • discounts for upcoming conferences and workshops
  • 1/2 Price counselling sessions
  • access to coaching services