Investing in the Next Generation of Church leaders

What is the NGM Mentoring Network?

The NGM Mentoring Network is a 12-month personalized intentional mentoring journey to help young pastors and leaders (ages 20-35) go further faster in their calling, competency, Christ-likeness, chemistry, and confidence from some of the best Next Generation Leaders and Pastors across Canada.

This would include: 

·      12 once-a-month video conference training with 12 other young pastors and leaders,

·      An annual intentional + personal mentorship plan,

·      Once-a-month coaching session towards your mentorship plan,

·      Options for undergraduate credits (pending),

·      Training for practical ministry.

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Why should I join the NGM Mentoring Network?

It is proven that young leaders and pastors last longer, have more impact, and go further faster when they have an intentional plan for growth. The NGM Mentoring Network is committed to help leaders and pastors grow in:

·      Programming ministry with purpose,

·      Developing volunteers that are high capacity and low maintenance,

·      Communicating vision for personal and ministry change,

·      Self-leadership and awareness,

·      Budgeting without being burdened,

·      Raising student leaders,

·      Principles towards a city-wide, Jesus-focus youth ministry,

·      Leading your first and foremost ministry,

·      Handling conflict in a redemptive way,

·      Expectations in ministry, and

·      Building a culture of mentoring.


Who is the NGM Mentoring Network for? 

The NGM Mentoring Network is designed for young leaders and pastors (ages 20-35) who are in a next generation ministry – either paid, volunteer, rural, or urban – in BC or the Yukon.


·      Each mentee has a longing to grow and develop their calling in their local context,

·      Each mentee is able to commit to a 12-month journey with 12 other leaders resulting in 12 outcomes, and

·      Each mentee is able to pay $300.00/semester; Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer (for resources, books, and ministry guests) towards the ministry of NGM. We would offer to coach on how to raise these funds through your ministry budget, personal sponsorship, and/or fundraising opportunities.  

When does the NGM Mentoring Network Start?

You can jump into the process at any time. The mentoring journey is personalized to your calling, context, and competencies. With that said, there will be monthly ONLINE leadership forums, one-on-one mentoring, and on-site mentoring. For more details, please contact Andy below.  

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For questions or details, please contact Andy