How much time is required for this journey?  
We are asking for once-a-week video conference call EVERY Thursday night from 7pm-8:30pm with the #ANewMe team. This will include a once-a-month call from one of the #ANewMe trainer within our video calls. You will be asked to do some pre and post-work from the once a month trainer sessions.   Furthermore, this is a journey. We are asking you to journey through an intentional mentorship program that will require more than your time. It will require your heart, mind, soul, and strength. This journey is also dependent on what you put into it.   For more details, please contact Andy.

What are the specifics needed to do the video conference calls?  
The #ANewMe will be using ZOOM video conferencing call. We will be sending you links to setup ZOOM for calls.
Please prepare for the ZOOM video call 15 minutes before the meeting. You will need an active mic, camera, and internet access.    

What happens if I miss a session?  
No worries! Each session will be recorded and sent for you to address. There would also be follow-up questions from the video recorded.  

What does the costs include?  
The costs would include a book/resource once a month, all video call sessions, the training sessions, the intentional mentoring journey, and Timeout (annual young pastors and leaders retreat for rest, renewal, and sharpening relationships)  

How can I apply?  
You can apply here