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Friend, we are so excited for TimeOut 2020. This year, our focus is based on the book of Acts 20:24, as Paul talks about making his life count for the sake of the GOSPEL. To make our lives count, Paul declares that this starts and ends with resiliency in ministry, life, and relationships. The same is true for you and I.

Doug Frederick will speak to us all on how to be resilient in leadership, and we also have one-on-one breakout times centred on personal finances, life coaching, professional counselling, and key ministry breakouts discussing mental health and sexuality in ministry.

This year we will be merging our stand-up receptions with key seasoned leaders that we can all learn from, be encouraged and mentored by. I would strongly encourage you to make TimeOut a priority for your ministry, life, and key ministry relationships. To be honest, we ALL need to have effective strategies in place to be resilient and effective in all areas of life. This is the goal for TimeOut 2020.

Last, TimeOut is for ALL Nextgen leaders, pastors, and key Nextgen volunteers. What a great weekend it will be as we gather and learn together March 29-31!

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