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It has been such a delight to visit or speak at many of the camps over the summer. Hundreds of kids gave their lives to the Lord and many were baptised in the Holy-Spirit. There is nothing like creating an environment where children learn to listen to the voice of God, to discern his voice among all the other and chose to boldly follow him. Here are some of the revelation children received from the Lord:

-I am beautiful and loved. God cares about me and hears me when I call. He can help me.

-God said I should spread his love and his grace to my friend Lindsey and Emma because they don’t believe in Jesus.

-God is calling me to be a peace-maker.

-The Lord told me that he wanted me to share Him with the sick and the injured so that they don’t need to be fearful.

-God told me to help men who have cancer because my grandpa died of cancer.

-God said: “Pray for your best friend because her dad abandoned her”

-God told me to be BRAVE!

The Lord is at work in our province! I want to celebrate the work of all those who planned VBS’s and summer camps this year. Angels are rejoicing because of you!