Content is always at our fingertips. I love it. We no longer need to travel to hear the fresh ideas of innovative people and learn from those with years of wisdom and experience. Now we can devour information while we travel. For years now I have been listening to podcast and audiobooks on my commute to and from work.  

We do have to be wary of information overload and knowing that not all sources will be beneficial. So here are just 2 KidMin podcasts that are worth your time. There are other great ones out there but with our limited time and focus these are the ones I recommend.    


These guys started podcasting in early 2019 and they never disappoint. They hit big topics in ministry that we are all dealing with. They bring new perspectives and ways that we can best impact kids and families. What I like most about them is they are rooted in the philosophy that parents are the primary spiritual leaders in their kid's lives and the church is here to help equip, encourage and enrich the family. Another thing that I love is they follow the church calendar. In April they did an episode on VBS and another on recruiting summer volunteers. In July they had an episode about 5 things for a great fall kick-off.  


This one is brand new for 2020. Lead by Josh Denhart, this podcast is JUST about volunteers. No matter what church you are at (size, location, denomination, whatever) volunteers are a point of frustration. Some may even quote Paul and say they are "a thorn in my flesh". Whatever your feeling towards volunteers is, if you have them (or don't and need them) you need to start listening to this podcast.  It brings practical tools for how we minister to our team that makes the ministry happen. 

Whether you listen to these podcasts or not, never stop learning. Find the time each week to grow as a leader. Make it a priority in your schedule.  

Lead well this week.


cover photo by Hadis Malekie on Unsplash