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In Partnership with Family Life Canada

What if we could change the conversation around marriage in our country? What if we could re-frame marriage as something good and healthy and do-able? Instead of something that’s destined to fail or out-dated. And what if you could be part of that, starting with the marriages in your church and community?

That’s our invitation to you as pastors and leaders and HomeBuilders.

This November we’re inviting couples and churches across Canada to dedicate one day to one great goal — to build marriages that stay together for good.

On the weekend of November 20-22nd, we’re launching a new, updated version of Together for Good, a five-part video series taught by Neil and Sharol Josephson, the directors of FamilyLife Canada. And we’re offering it for free! It’s a custom-built mini marriage conference for you to utilize in strengthening the marriages around you. And perhaps your own at the same time!

Couples have the option of streaming the series from the comfort of home or from the luxury of a hotel room (we’ve even arranged special hotel rates). If you’re looking for a way to build into your friends’ marriages, why not pass on the news of this free offer? Even better, gather a group from your church or community to do the series together online (or in person, adhering to health guidelines). Our facilitator’s guide will make it easy.

Each session provides helpful tools and guided conversations for couples to move past differences and drift to a place of greater closeness and trust. They’ll strengthen the foundation of their relationship in the important areas of communication, conflict, sex and spirituality.

Join us for this one day, national event to help Canadians rediscover how incredibly good marriage can be — for our own relationships, for our families, for our churches and for our country.

Find out details to register online here.