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Elevate Conference with Megan Fate Marshman

We look forward to having Megan Fate Marshman with us at ELEVATE CONFERENCE 2017.  She has devoted her life to loving and listening to God and overflowing His love to others. She is driven to inspire, equip and... Read More


The Next Generation Of Revival

If... ... Encountering God is important to you, ... You desire to see a generation encouraged + equipped to reach their generation for Christ, ... You know the importance of experiencing God afresh and anew... Read More


SPARK | God has His agenda; He makes it work

God is at work in the hearts and lives of preteens all over British Columbia. He wants each of these young people for His own and has used the SPARK conference to ignite a flame within them. Against all odds God... Read More


Planning on attending University or College?

Choosing a major, passing organic chemistry, dealing with lunch lines, laughing late at night, and sitting in lecture halls filled with 400 other English 101 students; that’s college life and it’s one transition you... Read More


SPARK - Upcoming PreTeen Conference

Register online hereThis year, we have a brand new format with a concert from Legacy One and amazing electives such as hip hop, beat boxing, a Nerf gun zone, and so much more. Most of all, Spark exists to create an... Read More

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STM info packs are now available!

Our STM info packs are now available! Interested in going to Thailand with HM? Check out the details here: Read More

Understanding millennials in the workforce 8 638

Understanding Millennials: Practical Resources + Tools To Connect With

You have probably heard the line "seek to understand BEFORE you are understood..." For Millennials, it is important for #leadpastors to understand their generation. As you may have known, millennials are the largest... Read More


5 Ways To Lead UP: #Youngpastors Influencing #Leadpastors

LAST week I had a call from a #youngpastor who's having a difficult time with his lead pastor. This isn't the first time I have heard this. I hear it MORE + MORE: "My lead pastor doesn't take time for me." "My... Read More


5 Practical IDEAS To Reach + Engage Millennials

For the first time in history, the millennial generation (born 1980-2000) has surpassed the boomer generation in population - OVER 78 million people in North America. In addition to this, this generation is the... Read More

Cluster 2016


Join upcoming Children's Pastor and Leader gatherings. DIVE is a gathering of leaders serving in Children, Preteen/Middle School and Family ministry taking place throughout BC.  Find upcoming dates here.  Wondering... Read More